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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Agriculture University Of Malaysia (University Pertanian Malaysia)

The Agriculture University of Malaysia is now Putra University of Malaysia was once the School of Agriculture. It is located in Serdang, Selangor and is close to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

I enrolled as the undergraduate of Agriculture University of Malaysia in early 80s and registered at the residential college Tun Perak (Kolej Kediaman Tun Perak) as my home while at UPM. HSC now STPM was my passport to enter UPM. In those days it was not easy to enter university especially us from Sarawak and Sabah. Maybe due to the less number of local universities at that time. Today, there are many institutions of higher learning in our country including private universities.

At that time, hand phones and laptops were not born yet. Assignments, course works, project papers, thesis or dissertation were done with the service of typewriter. The sound of many typewriters in the many rooms of the residence colleges could be heard till dawn. After completing as assignments, the undergraduates could be seen having canai and teh tarik at canteens and food stalls around Serdang. As hand phones were not in service at that time, the undergraduates could be seen queuing up at telephone booths around the campus, Serdang or even as far as Puduraya or Semua House in Kuala Lumpur waiting to call homes or the love ones. At the opening of the new semester, postmen became the target of the undergraduates. Scholarship monies were sent by cheque as banks were not having the bank in service at that time. After receiving the cheque, the Bank Negara of Kuala Lumpur was the place to cash out the cheque.

At one time, there was an open house at the rambutans orchard of UPM, the entrance fee was a dollar (ringgit) per person. There you can eat as many rambutan as you wish and take as many trees you wish too from 8.30 a.m till 5p.m. Gone were those beautiful moments and I do not know if UPM still holds that rambutan orchard open house.

Kuala Lumpur, it was a hour journey by commercial bus from UPM. Within the city of Kuala Lumpur, there was a mini bus service. Today the mini bus service is history. The Agriculture University of Malaysia, now The Putra University is advancing to its best and I am proud to be part of UPM.

When I enrolled for my postgraduate in many years later at the University of Malaya, hand phone, laptop, internet and LRT services make life easy. No need to wait for postman for cheque of scholarship because the bank in service provided by banks serve the postgraduates, undergraduates and the students best.

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