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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why must Minos be a direct BN candidate when Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe is ready to serve?

The parliamentary constituency of Mas Gading is again highly debated. In The Sunday Post of Sarawak, today, January 29, 2012, the former Mas Gading MP Patrick Anek Uren suggested that Bung Bratak Heritage Association chairman, Dato Peter Minos from PBB should be a direct BN candidate for Mas Gading to replace Datuk Dr. Tifi Lafe. According to Patrick Anek Uren, based on the report of The Sunday Post today (January 29, 2012), Anek believed that when fielding Minos, it would diffuse calls for Dr. Tiki to be renominated and ensure that the terms of the 1996 Agreement were fully implemented. I personally believe that the suggestion of Patrick Anek Uren and Jeron Loben from Kampung Stenggang to have Minos as a direct BN candidate is not a good move. It will only creating a new problem to Barisan National when the general election is just around the corner. PBB will be having problem with SPDP which has created a problem after four individuals have been bandied as the possible new candidate for Mas Gading and also after the G5 left SPDP. Is Patrick trying to bullfight PBB and SPDP, and finally BN will lose Mas Gading?

I think Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe is still the winnable candidate for Mas Gading. Furthermore Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe has just been re-appointed to head the National Service Training Council for another three-year term. The Minister of Defence, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi described Dr. Tiki as a talented leader who should not be side-lined. Hence the voters of Mas Gading should be proud of their YB in the person of Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe. Based on that too, I see that Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe is ready to serve Mas Gading in the coming general election. Patrick Anek Uren should not try to bullfight PBB and SPDP.

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